Chill Out with the Premium White

Imagine you finish a busy day at work, craving a refreshing glass of crisp white wine. Usually, you probably prefer to head to the bars. At this still COVID19 period, it's safer to relax at home.   

Then you'll wonder which white wines to drink and how to chill the wines quickly.  There are four white wine varietals listed on this website (not too many). Today, we're pleased to introduce you "Blanc de Blancs" and the "Chicken Shed Chardonnay," both of which come from the Ernest Hill Wines from Hunter Valley. 

Australian Chardonnay is the most popular white wine variety in Australia and is second overall behind Shiraz. Chardonnay has three styles: sparkling, oaked, or unoaked.

"Blanc de Blancs," which means "White of Whites," is a sparkling wine made of 100% of chardonnay. Its vibrant lime and peach flavours with a refreshing bubbly mouthfeel light up your spirit with just a sip. The well balanced natural acidity runs the length of the wine and supports layers of flavours on the pallet. 

How to chill: put it into an ice bath (mixed water and ice) up to the neck for 30 minutes before serving. Sparkling wine should be served ice cold. This will keep the bubbles in prime condition. 

"Chicken Shed Chardonnay," on the other hand, is a still medium-bodied white. The name is inspired by a neighbouring chicken shed next to the vineyard. It comes with white peach, nectarine, lime flavours that are common to Chardonnay, and a small amount of oak flavour from 6-month barrel maturation. This is not your heavy, oaky chardonnay, but a fresh, crispy style with delicious fruit flavours and a slightly toasty back palate. 

How to chill: as it's an oaked Chardonnay with more complex layers of falvaours, it should not be served too cold. Pop it in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes before serving. 

Chardonnay goes well with a wide variety of food.

You can pair the "chicken shed chardonnay" with local chicken rice, satay, or roasted chicken, cheese, salad and soup dishes. "Blanc de Blancs" goes well with smoked salmon, oyster, mussels. Or, you can savour the aromatic bubbly wine on its own! 

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If you'd like to have a taste of the 2 chardonnays, try the "2in1 Collection - The Chardonnay Duo". 

Would this provide another reason to chill out with the white?