Celebrate International Women's Day

We celebrate this year's International Women's Day to cherish women who live, who give, who want a better world, with our new Rewards Program and unique listing of Shiraz wines from Ernest Hill Wines, a James Halliday 5-star Winery. 

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  • Ernest Hill Wines

The wines on Wine4Two.com.sg are from Ernest Hill Wines (EHW),  a James Halliday 5-star, family boutique winery from Hunter Valley, Australia. The vineyard of EHW dates back to the 1970s from the previous owner. Ross Wilson and his family purchased the hilltop of the vineyard in 1999 and renamed it as Ernest Hill Wines.  Ross and his son, Jason, are partners of the winery, while Ross' wife and his daughter also work on the family business. 

Sustainability in wine growing.  EHW is very protective of the old vines (more than 40 years old) and the soils on the property. Natural sprays and fertilizers are used to keep the vines in good condition. Natural minerals are also used to maintain soil health. 

EHW prizes itself on producing PREMIUM Hunter Valley Wines. They provide top quality wines with the following methods:

  • The majority of EHW grapes are hand-picked to ensure the best bunches go into the wines.
  • The blocks are cropped low to ensure fewer bunches of better quality fruit.
  • Grapes are harvested from blocks that meet quality control standards. If not, the grapes are either dropped on the ground or sold off to larger wine producers.
  • The best parcels of brand new oak are procured each year for chardonnay and shiraz. 
  • Family named wines are gently pressed for superior flavor. 

All these little steps taken give wines better varietal characters and super flavors.

  • New Listing of Shiraz wines and 6-bottle promotion pack. 

For red wines, old are GOLD. We've listed a 2014 CEO Shiraz and 2016 Sharehold Shiraz, plus 6-bottle promotion packs. Check them out on the product catalogue. 

Be rewarded while you enjoy some of the finest wines! 

Cheers, Code Green Private Limited