Champagne Saint-Reol Grand Cru

The History  


In the heart of Ambonnay in 1962, 58 audacious wine producers came together and founded the Saint-Réol Champagnes. Today, their values are shared by more than 230 passionate wine producers. These dignified heirs from a tradition of prestigious families perpetuate with great skill an inestimable and precious expertise, with an intense desire to create the best, the excellence.

They make Saint-Réol Champagne a Grand Cru hymn, to the quality and grapes from the best soils in Champagne. 




SAINT RÉOL Champagne is among the rare brands of Champagne to be entirely commercialized as Champagne classified GRAND CRU. This designation of origin (appellation d'origine contrôlée) has only been awarded to 17 out of 324 Champagne wine producing villages.

The SAINT-RÉOL Champagne wine vats are in cellars located in the heart of Champagne where over 2.3 million bottles age at more than 20 meters below the ground. 


The talent EXPERTISE

Having high quality grapes is not enough to make exceptional Champagne. Mr. Cédric Jacopin (the head of Saint-Reol) is the guardian of the house's secrets and he inspects, observes and respects the equipment in order to craft strong, gourmet flavours. He turns Saint-Reol vats into gems.

This long work of patience, waiting, and attention is spread out over the years, but in the end the vignerons bring sensitivity, a beautiful freshness and a delicious softness to the Saint-Reol aromatic range. By combining innovative technologies to the traditional expertise, Saint-Reol is able to guarantee this richness of flavohrs that marvelously characterise the Saint-Reol Champagnes.

The Collection

Saint-Reol Grand Cru has produced eight distinctive award-winning champagnes, of which we've selected two as the first arrivals. They are Millesime 2012 & Elegance 2008. 


  • Millesime 2012 is vintage 2012 Champagne, a blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, of which 13% is without MLF (Malolatic Fermentation) with dosage 8g/L. It's a success, remarkably fresh. A wonderful palate, fullness, melts in the mouth. It has scored 94 pts with Decanter 2022 with a silver medal. 

  • Elegance 2008 is a powerful and mineral vintage. Blended of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, of which 19% is without MLF (Malolatic Fermentation) with dosage 8g/L. The palate is well structured and rich, leaving space for a beautiful fresh finish. It has scored 97 pts of Decanter 2021/2022 with a platinum medal. 

As the sprits of Champagne Saint-Reol Grand Cru go: 

Excellence has its demand.