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Ernest Hill Wines


The wine: Château des Adouzes Le Tigre was simply sublime. Served chilled, it was the perfect complement to the night's decadent beef sukiyaki main course. The faint, but no less apparent, raspberry notes were delightful, providing a wonderfully layered experience.

Renee Chow

I enjoyed the William Henry Shiraz as it's full-bodied with a tingle of spiciness and fruitiness, and a sweet finish of velvety berry after taste. One observation is the wine has a strong start at the beginning but gets better as it breathes for a while. My personal preference would be to decant it first for a more pleasant experience. It tastes great with beef and pork stews, or any meats with intense flavor, as it compliments well with the wine.

Sean Low

Tried the Dam Merlot and 2016 Shareholder Shiraz to pair with Binchotan BBQ Waygu and lamb shank. The Shiraz was a little spicy initially, but after breathed an hour in a decanter, it had a quite pleasant surprise. 

Bruce Chew

The delicious Chicken Shed Chardonnay reminds me of the fresh-baked apple and cinnamon with spice that my mom used to make as dessert on chilly autumn nights. The taste is light, but generous and energetic, making it a bit dangerous. It goes down so smoothly that sitting outside to watch the recent comet in the sky (July 2020) while drinking a few glasses makes it difficult to stand up. 

Keith Carter

I loved the Rosalie Joan Verdelho, 2018 vintage. The perfect wine to whisk you away to a colder climate, where the air is chilly and crisp while you savor the wine amid rolling hills and sheep grazing in the paddock.
We also love how Ernest Hill Wines are robust in their subtlety, opinionated but never too overpowering.

Timothy Chua

The Luna Spark Dessert Wine is a semi-sweet wine with a pleasant hint of lemon and pear, and a gentle touch of fizz. A delightful dessert wine to enjoy with families on a weekend night.


Dessert wine: A good way to end the week.

I love the Ernest Hill Eleven O'Clocker as it tastes like fruit cake/Tutti Frutti and raisin in liquid (Vivino rating: 4.4!!!). Mrs love the Ernest Hill Luna Spark as it is crisp and not so sweet like most dessert wines (Vivino rating: 3.8). Both are very wallet-friendly vs ice wine or other dessert wines.

Alan Ng