More Payment Options Available

We started as a tiny company to learn how to provide the right quality products, smooth customer experience, and also to survive as a small business ;-)

The COVID 19 period has been hard for everyone, but it also offers a period to business to sink into more tests & trials.

We're open for Startups who approach us via our public contacts. As a result of openness, we've now been able to offer more payment options provided by FinTech startups:

Atome, part of Advance.AI group, offers three interest-free installments. Download the Atome app,, to receive a $10 welcome voucher. Search the store of "Wine4Two" if you want to redeem the voucher and pay in 3 installments. 

HitPay, offers the very popular PayNOW, WechatPay, and AliPay. With a quick scan of QR codes, you can use your digital wallets to check out quickly. No more hassle of keying in your credit card information. We LOVE it!! 

Life consists of small steps we take every day. The life-changing process is similar to how nature turns grape juices into diverse tastes of wines that happens with time goes by. 

Make a small step of change today! 


Shirley Deng