6 Bottles of Eleven O'Clock Muscat Dessert Wine - AV 8 Years Old (500ml/bottle)

6 Bottles of Eleven O'Clock Muscat Dessert Wine - AV 8 Years Old (500ml/bottle)

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When the clock says 11 pm, reach for an 11 O’Clocker.

The 11 O'Clocker liqueur muscat is a fortified wine which means that all
of the alcohol in the wine does not come from the fermentation process.
Extra alcohol has been added including a small amount of brandy to keep
the alcohol level at or above 18%. This amount of alcohol will preserve
the wine, even after being opened, for an extended period of time.

The wine is made from Muscat grapes and is in a very old traditional style.
It is a blend of wine from multiple years, averaging 8 years old. Due to
the higher alcohol level, 18%, it is more viscous than other wines and
has that smooth, syrupy mouth feel. The rich caramel toffee flavours are
enhanced from a significant period in oak barrels.

Food Match:  A meal on it's own!  An excellent after dinner wine matched with you favourite cheese, dried fruit and nuts or a coffee flavoured dessert.

Cellaring:  Drink now or cellar up to 30 years.


Alcohol Content: 18%

Shipping: within Singapore